Toyota Alloy Wheels Bubbling – Toyota Quality Concerns

The Problem – Toyota vehicles equipped with alloy wheels are experiencing abnormal corrosion and bubbling of paint and/or clear coat finish. I noticed that the finish on my Sienna’s (2005 XLE AWD) alloy wheels had some bubbles several months ago. My wife drives this vehicle almost exclusively, so I don’t “inspect” it too often. But last week I noticed the wheels now look horrible. Looking at other Siennas with these same wheels, most (over 80%) have the exact same problem. The problem affects post-2004 Siennas and other Toyota models equipped with alloy wheels.

Toyota’s Position – At this time, not admitting any manufacturing defect, and not extending any corrosion warranty protection. Toyota has suggested that brake dust build-up and lack of prompt removal of road salt are to blame. Very interesting because my 1998 4Runner has alloy wheels, and they’re in great shape. Same geographic location, same level of care (probably above average), and 7 more years on the road.

My Suspicion – Toyota or its alloy wheel supplier switched to a “greener” manufacturing process, perhaps using a water-based finish process (as opposed to solvent based), or at the very least, a lower level of solvent. The switch-over, although well-intentioned and environmentally responsible, is often difficult to pull off. Recall the peeling paint problem (body panels) GM had in the 1990s. The problem we’re talking about here is similar, originating under the finish, as if there is a problem with the finish’s ability to adhere. The problem has nothing to do with curb rash, stone chips, etc., in which the integrity of the finish has been compromised externally.

Strength In Numbers – If you have the same problem with premature bubbling or corrosion of your Toyota alloy wheels, add your comments below. Be sure to provide the Model and Year of your vehicle. If you submit a photo of an affected wheel (150X150 px .PNG or .JPEG file preferred), I will add it to the “Toyota Quality Wall of Shame” below. Send wheel photos to: nuckleslaw(@ symbol) With enough feedback from angry customers, we might be able to get Toyota to accept responsibility for this widespread problem.

Toyota Alloy Wheel Corrosion

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600 Responses to “Toyota Alloy Wheels Bubbling – Toyota Quality Concerns”

  1. Kevin Heffernan says:

    Nov. 15 2015. Just purchased a used 2006 GX470. Car well maintained and paint is good. Wheels rims are terrible. Flaking badly. Hard to know exactly what the former owner did to clean this vehicle but based upon the condition of the rest of the car I don’t think they neglected cleaning and maintenance. I’d like new rims. The car would look new if they had help up. My 2002 Infiniti rims are solid and look brand new. This is a 2006 and something is wrong with this product in my opinion.

  2. Wayne Belyea says:

    2004 Toyota 4 Runner,, wheels are peeling terribly. Looks awful.. I feel Toyota should step up and replace the wheels on an exchange program.

  3. I have a 2007 camery le good car . You should see my aluminum Wheels were extra They look horrible now year 2007 I take care of my car not good fix it ok

  4. Brian says:

    Our 2004 showed some peeling while living in the south. Moved to Ohio and the wheels are now terrible. Have a 2007 Camry with no problem with the wheels. Maintenance of both vehicles has been the same.

  5. B.Andrews says:

    2008 Lexus GX470 all wheels show bubbling corrosion. This is a Southern US car that has been kept in immaculate condition. Toyota Lexus really should do something about this.

  6. I have all 4 wheels on my Toyota Sienna with the finish coming off around the lug area and thought it came from
    air wrench when removing and installing wheels ,Toyota, and several other Vendors said it was from the finish coming off account of wheel deterioration of the finish , I seen one of the pictures on your wall of shame with the same problem.
    A wheel restoration person said it would cost $500.00 to refinish all 4 wheels. They had a problem with the spare tire falling off the holder under the frame and it has been since Sept 2014 they had the tire in the 3 row seat compartment and finally got the recall parts in just a few weeks ago?????????

  7. Mario says:

    Based on the numerous responses that were requested to the same problem. Do we have enough ammunition to file a class action case against Toyota.

  8. Anthony julian says:

    Same problem. 2009 Tacoma TRD sport. The bubbling and corrodsion started about a year and a half after buying the truck. About a year after That I called Toyota and they told me it was over warranty. Now I am trying to sell the truck and between the surface rust on the frame and the rims it’s hard to trade it in or sell it without taking a beating. Not fair at all!

  9. Charles hanners says:

    The alloy wheels on my 2006 Tundra started bubbling up 4 years ago. Toyota just says its out of warranty. No help at all. Now the rear bumper is rusted through. What to do? I’vv lost confidence in Toyota and may not buy another

  10. kyle says:

    2013 Highlander rims already show bad corrosion.

  11. My wife bought her Toyota new in 2008. The vehicle only has 49,000 miles. I clean it regularly. I first noticed the pitting after 2 to 3 years. Eating out from the inside. My 2002 explorer with 200,000 miles had better rims. My Yugo had better rims(I think it came with rims). With the numerous recalls Toyota has had, she is looking elsewhere. Maybe the engineers that designed the Toyota rims went on to make and approve those great VW diesels that are so great on emissions and gas mileage.

  12. Stephen Maffeo says:

    My mother’s 2007 Toyota Solara convertible – all four alloy wheels are all bubbling badly . This car is in great condition , with very low mileage .

  13. Jocelyn says:

    My 2007 Corolla’s wheels all have severe bubbling. I assumed it was due to the harsh winter climate of where I live, but I don’t notice the problem on other vehicles. I’d love to hear if a recall is issued.

  14. Stephen Kroll says:

    My wife’s 2005 Sloara is really bad. My 2008 Tacoma is now starting to do the same. Today they put on the replacement springs for the one that broke (recall) however, the replacements are not the “new redesigned” replacements, so they will get to do it all over again. They inspected the frame and said it was O.K. Another recall defect. But how do you really know? I assume it will kill my resale value on truck. How about the bog issue when starting from a stop?

    I’m very disjointed in Toyota as of now.

  15. Stephen Jo says:


    My 2006 Sienna XLE LTD AWD has bubbling on all of its wheels. It’s definitely a quality problem by Toyota.

  16. Jeff Harris says:

    I’m not sure if anyone from Nuckles Law is monitoring this thread, but it seems you have a very good case for a class action lawsuit. One item to note is that corrosion on a vehicle’s wheels is NOT a cosmetic issue, it is a safety issue. A wheel is a structural component and it is compromised when corroded. I’m an engineer and have designed many aluminum structural parts, and I can tell you Toyota has a safety issue on their hands. A legal remedy should be sought.

  17. Jay s. says:

    My 2003 4runner has bad bubbling on all 4 wheels. Only 44,000 mi. !!! My 2006 corolla has the same problem. Always took great care of the vehicles. Both are in great shape but the wheels look like crap!!! Very dissapointed.

  18. Joe says:

    Have a 2013 Toyota Highlander with corrosion on two wheels. Toyota just informed my it will not be covered. Dealership said it was environmental. Nice! 40k car. Why no corrosion in other 2 wheels? Way to win customers Toyota! Also wouldn’t repair rust bubble that’s obviously a defect.

  19. Ron says:

    My 2013 Highlander Limited has just started exhibiting bubbling corrosion around the wheel center medallion, 35000 miles.

  20. Pam Ware says:

    Have a 2000 Celica GTS and rims have been peeling/bubbling since I bought the car in 2000. Notified Toyota in 2004 and they said there wasn’t a problem from their manufacturing!! Too bad, sharp automobile, will be re-considering another manufacturer.

  21. Prabhat says:

    My 2003 Sienna has the same problem on almost all four wheels. Just this morning my friend asked me to research and complain. I had not thought of this as a larger issue. Will post the pictures soon.

  22. James S. says:

    2011 Highlander all alloy wheels have corrosion, vehicle has 944000 miles on it and looks like new accept the alloy wheels. really a shame that these aren’t recalled, they are clearly defective!

  23. Sue Smith says:

    Took delivery of 2015 Toyota highlander limited in 12/15/2014. Am experiencing dots discoloration dots all over the wheel coverings. They said do to road chemicals. Montana uses no salt. Every other car I have owned has been fine. They knowingly sold an inferior product. Had 7500 miles on it at the time we noticed it. False advertising. Toyota need to recall.

  24. Gary says:

    I used aluminum foil dipped in Coke to remove most of the corrosion on my 2012 ToyotaHighlander Limited alloy rims. Just keep rubbing and watch it disappear!

  25. Mario says:

    So now that we have all these responses from people with the same problem with their wheels, what can be done. Toyota refuses to acknowledge that a problem exists and continues to blame climate/wheel care and any other excuse for the bubbling wheels. All the forums can’t be wrong. It’s a shame when you have a nice looking van and get disgusted when you look at the wheels.

  26. MarushoLilac says:

    2010 4Runner with 41k: Impossible to ignore starting in 2014. Now it is downright embarrassing. Knowing my driving habits I can absolutely say that salt on the road had nothing to do with this silly business, just typical Toyota arrogance and their culture of not trying to do the right thing. My model is made in Japan, so I’d be curious about where these wheels come from, that so many different models, including those assembled in the US, have the same problem. Can all the wheels come from the same workshop in China?
    Wish I could figure out how to add my photos to the collection above. . . .

  27. Hoodie says:

    Tacoma-already had rust recall- now this

  28. John says:


    Toyota RV4, 2010, 37k miles.

    Aluminum alloy wheels starting corroded.
    For outdoor application (salt, water, oil, dust, chemicals) finishing plating does not meet commercial standard requirements. Toyota does not conducted life time testing for this specific environment. The Toyota quality control department is responsible for releasing “bubo” to market charging for not qualifying product big money. Toyota needs to be accountable and take responsibility. The corroded wheels shall be replaced for free. Only class action suit will force Toyota!

  29. Renee Morneault says:

    2008 Toyota Sequoia, 3 of the 4 wheels on my awesome truck are so bubbling! Funny thing…one wheel looks brand new! following this past winter, 2 of the 3 have lost what was there for bubbling paint and now are down to metal.

  30. joe says:

    My toyota 4runner 2008 model has severe corrosion on all 4rims. I only have 69,0000 miles on this vehicle, very upset!! Called toyota, they said they haven’t heard of this problem before and opened a case.

  31. destin woodard says:

    I have 2005 toyota tundra the that all 20″ wheels are peeling with corrosion . I allows my tires not to get a great seal so I am constantly airing up my tires. It is a shame that toyota wonthe recall these wheels,

  32. Rick D says:

    2006 Tacoma 4×4, TRD, double-cab, 99k miles, Original owner, Mid Atlantic region. Yes, we have road salt. Started seeing bubbling and peeling a couple years ago. Tried to repaint, but too much peeling. Where the paint peels, it’s very rough and hard to recover with any type of paint w/o looking bad.

  33. Kevin says:

    2004 4Runner. Silver coating on the wheels is gone in places. I live in The Houston Texas area, have owned the vehicle since new, and it’s never seen road salt.

  34. John Munyan says:

    2012 Highlander limited. At 7000 miles medallions corroded in wheels..Toyota replaced. 7000 miles later new wheels have same issue…..they could care less. Rear deck badge was starting to corrode – fixed and repainted….Warranty. Rear glass “stays” (window Pistons) corroded..warranty work. One week ago….needed complete brake job…..corrosion on discs. This car has 26,000 miles on it. The common excuse is that we live where ther is “harsh weather” (Adirondack mountains, NY)….that’s why we bought a AWD vehicle. Between snow tires on and off we travel about 3400 miles per season. The 2010 Subaru does most of the work in the winter and shares the garage with the frail Toyota and is in great shape! Something’s amiss!

  35. Koz says:

    Same problem on my wife’s 2009 Sienna. Repair shop thinks that it is an oxidation problem most likely connected with the wheel prep for coating. Can’t find a Toyota dealer or statement addressing the problem. Have seen idiotic “causes” like drivers ability to “step on the brakes incorrectly”(?) this kind of an explaination might satisfy a three year old dead goldfish, but I doubt anyone else would buy it. Toyota has always stood tall with handling a problem however small, but not this time. Can’t wait for the class action suit that is sure to follow soon.

  36. Hence says:

    I have a 2007 Tacoma which I love. After about two years of Ownership I noticed the bubbling and peeling to some degree starting on each of the four wheels. It has progressively gotten worse to a point that they look horrible. When I first pointed it out to the dealership they and Toyota blamed it on poor care and roads salts which is ridiculous. It clearly looks to be a problem with prepping of the wheel before powder coating. I have owned Toyota’s since I bought my first Celica in 1974 and never been this disturbed and disappointed with Toyota lack of accountability for something that is obviously a manufacturing problem. Makes me think twice about my next automobile purchase.

  37. Don Storm says:

    My 2004 Sienna XLE Limited developed this problem at around the 5 year mark. I have never seen any other make or model with similar problems. There is no doubt that this problem is very specific to the Sienna model during 2004-2005. Whenever I see a car like mine on the road I can predict with 100% accuracy that it will have corroded wheels and/or bubbling paint. The problem became so bad I finally paid to have the wheels powder-coated (over $600). Toyota needs to take responsibility for this.

  38. Jon says:

    05 Tundra: same issue bubbling and flaking off… trying to determine best solution to fix without replacement.

  39. Baoliang CUi says:

    I have a 2005 toyota sienna LE AWD and the rims have been peeling/rusting/corroded since 2007 .
    The same type of cleaner was used on all my other cars. They are OK.
    I want to show you how ugly they look.

  40. R. B. Eberwein says:

    My 2004 Toyota Sequoia had corroded wheel the 2nd year… they told me it was me applying the brakes wrong. Three went completely black/bubbled within 2 years and one if still perfect today (ten years later). Only today did someone tell me that this is an obvious Toyota responsibility- though they have not admitted it yet. They will!

  41. Mary says:

    Same exact problem of bubbling/peeling on our 2005 Sienna LXE AWD. Looks awful and have noticed the problem for the past few years. Our daughter’s 2005 Corolla is beginning to peel also. Will be replacing the rims. Also hated the run flat tires. Purchased a new rim and spare plus all four new tires back in 2008 after run flats continually broke down after only 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Very disappointed in Toyota.

  42. John says:

    Bubbled, then peeled, paint on 2006 Sienna 17″ alloy wheels. Looks awful – corrosion of metal beneath. Not at all as durable as polished alloy wheels we’ve had before. $500 apiece to replace! Not gonna do that with the same technology to happen all over again.

  43. mario says:

    My wife has an 04 sienna with 100k. I wash and maintain all my vehicles. They never see the inside of a car wash nor do I use chemicals on the wheels other then car soap. We purchased it as a certified pre-owned in 06 with 30k and at that time the wheels were peeling so the dealer replaced them for us. Now they are doing the same. I contacted Toyota customer service and explained the circumstances. They had me bring it to the dealer for inspection, they stated that they maybe be able to do something out of warranty for being a loyal customer. Well once the dealer gave them an estimate of repair and or replace costs they changed there tune and offered me a 200 dollar credit on any future toyota purchases. I currently have three toyotas. 04 sienna/ 03 4runner/99 solara and all have the dreaded peeling. Toyota needs to come to terms with themselves and realize the inferior quality of there wheels and recall all of them.

  44. Danny says:

    I own a 2003 toyota corolla S with 172000 miles & my rims have been peeling/rusting/corroded.
    I use the same type of cleaner as i use on all my other cars. They aren’t peeling/rusting/corroded.
    These rims are a disgrace to the car. Toyota should stand behind its product no matter how old & how many miles are on it.
    Please keep me up to date.
    Thank you

  45. billy says:

    noticed corrosion starting on my 2012 highlander and i have heavy corrosion on a 2003 4runner

  46. Sean says:

    Toyota Highlander: 2006, 6 cylinder, FWD. The toyota has a spare tire that I rarely use. Last (2014) I replaced 4 tires but found that the spare wheel had a lot of bubbles on it!

  47. Ed Giambalvo says:

    The gas station that sold me 4 new tires 18 months ago, all of which are losing air regularly, through the seal, I think, claim that the corrosion is breaking the air seal on the tire. Don’t know for sure. Only that I lost a lot of air in what are fairly new tires.

  48. Myles says:

    I have 2011 Camry SE 4cyl I noticed the rust/corrosion just recently the car has less than 30K I also have an’06 Accord and there is no corrosion or rust on the alloy wheels. both cars a washed by me or car wash in winter. I will never buy another Toyota!!

  49. Frank Sattler says:

    There is a skin on these aluminum wheels that looks like there is a thin layer over a cast aluminum structure that is normally not used when the wheels are forged in the United States. The photos show the problem of corrosion on all four wheels of a 2007 Corolla S with 72000 miles. Suspect that the wheels may have been produced in China unless Japan is going to the dogs! Castings are always cheaper and inferior to forgings.

  50. admin says:

    Debra, well put. I think lots of folks who have commented are also done with Toyota.

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